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2013 Annual Meeting Certificates are Available

April 30 2013 by Izzy Ramaswamy

2013 annual-conference

If you attended the annual meeting in New Orleans this year, you may go to the Resources Tab on our website and click on the Annual Meeting button or the link below to get your certificate.

**PLEASE NOTE: Most of you are able to print your credit verification document without any issues. Remember: It is your responsibility to submit this document to ARRT and also as needed for reimbursment at your places of business. For those of you that may have some concerns please read below:
1 – If you attended SIR sessions please note that they are not reflected in AVIR documentation and will be provided to you by SIR. Most of them are approved for A Plus as we stated to you at the conference.
2 - We will be merging the scanner data this week with the file from the scan trons, in the mean time, if you are missing credits email us and verify the courses by providing the CE number in the email.
3 – If you did not submit a form at the conference, please send us an email with the courses you attended and the number you wrote down in the program. We will verify with the scanner data when we get it and provide you with the certificate.
4 – We have updated the database with name and email spelling corrections so if you cannot get signed in, please let us know.


To Get Credits

Thank you again for attending the Annual Meeting, hope to see you again next year in San Diego.
Izzy Ramaswamy, FAVIR
AVIR President


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CREATE an AVIR Chapter Today, We are here to help

April 24 2013 by Izzy Ramaswamy


Hello AVIR Members,

Thank you all for coming to the 2013 Annual Meeting. My name is Crystal Hanson and I’m this year’s Director At Large. I have been in radology for almost 5 years now; diagnostic for 1 year and an Interventional Radiology Tech for 4 years. I studied at Northeast Iowa Community College for my RT license and was able to train on site at a hospital in Dubuque, IA for my CT license. I wanted to introduce myself and tell you all It is my pleasure to get you and your local technologists/nurses more involved in the AVIR. If you are interested in starting a local Chapter please read the information on our website and review the new Chapter Manual. OR, you may contact a local Chapter Representative in your area and let them know you are interested in getting involved. Please feel free to contact me anytime you have a question or thoughts. My team and I are always here for you. Also, if you left us information at the meeting requesting assistance or information we will be contacting you very soon to help you get started.

Have a great week!

Crystal Hanson AVIR

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Next Stop San Diego, but first - Thank You for a great time in New Orleans

April 19 2013 by Izzy Ramaswamy

new orleans

For those of you that were able to attend the Annual Meeting this week, The AVIR Board wants to say thank you for your time and dedication. It was truly a great success thanks to all of you. We are working hard already to make next year even better. We passed out some comment cards on Wednessday and received some valuable feedback. We are reviewing them now to see how we can improve your experience. We also requested volunteers to participate in AVIR sub-committees. If this interests any of you please feel free to contact us and climb aboard. We will also be posting Pictures on our social media sites so keep an eye out.

On a personal note, it was really great to meet so many of you and interact during the conference and gala. Thats always my favorite part of visiting these amazing places, besides the unbelievable food and music in New Orleans of course.

If you were unable to make the meeting this year, please try and make plans to attend next year in San Diego. We promise to exceed all your expectations in that great city.

We appreciate any feedback; questions, comments, or concerns so feel free to fill out the contact form on the website or email me directly. In the mean time, lets get the word out to recruit new members in your neighborhoods and improve local activity and please let us know how we can help.

Lastly, our sincerest thank you to all of you that contributed to our success this past week. We could not have done it without you and look forward to a long lasting partnership for years to come.

Hope everyone had safe travels home, have a great weekend. Our thoughts and prayers go out to our friends and families in Boston.

Izzy Ramaswamy, FAVIR
AVIR President

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AVIR Fellow Award

April 08 2013 by Izzy Ramaswamy

AVIR logo blue

Apply to Become an AVIR Fellow Today,

The AVIR, like many other organizations, has an established fellowship category for members who have made significant strides in our field and organization. AVIR fellows include individuals who have dedicated themselves to striving for quality and improvement in interventional radiology as leaders, educators, authors, and committee members.

The AVIR Fellowship recognizes Interventional Radiographers who demonstrate a continuing pursuit of excellence in the IR profession. The commitment begins at the hospital level, moves on to the local AVIR chapter and national levels. A point system is used to evaluate the contributions of the candidate in three areas: Personal qualifications (education, experience), contributions to the AVIR (national and local chapters), and contributions to the profession (other than AVIR). Once the minimum amount of points is reached, an application may be submitted to the Fellowship Committee for review.

The Fellows Award is presented at the annual meeting, which is in San Diego, March 2014. Do you think you have the qualifications to become an AVIR Fellow? If so, go to and download the application from this blog. If you have any questions, email me at and I would be happy to assist you.


click here to Download 2013 AVIR Fellow Application

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Interventional Informer - Winter 2013 Edition

April 03 2013 by Izzy Ramaswamy


Click Here to view and print the Winter Edition of the 2013 Interventional Informer.

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