August 5, 2020


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2013 Annual Meeting Certificates are Available

April 30 2013 by Izzy Ramaswamy

2013 annual-conference

If you attended the annual meeting in New Orleans this year, you may go to the Resources Tab on our website and click on the Annual Meeting button or the link below to get your certificate.

**PLEASE NOTE: Most of you are able to print your credit verification document without any issues. Remember: It is your responsibility to submit this document to ARRT and also as needed for reimbursment at your places of business. For those of you that may have some concerns please read below:
1 – If you attended SIR sessions please note that they are not reflected in AVIR documentation and will be provided to you by SIR. Most of them are approved for A Plus as we stated to you at the conference.
2 - We will be merging the scanner data this week with the file from the scan trons, in the mean time, if you are missing credits email us and verify the courses by providing the CE number in the email.
3 – If you did not submit a form at the conference, please send us an email with the courses you attended and the number you wrote down in the program. We will verify with the scanner data when we get it and provide you with the certificate.
4 – We have updated the database with name and email spelling corrections so if you cannot get signed in, please let us know.


To Get Credits

Thank you again for attending the Annual Meeting, hope to see you again next year in San Diego.
Izzy Ramaswamy, FAVIR
AVIR President


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