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A Visit To Indiana - Cook Global Headquarters

October 12 2013 by Izzy Ramaswamy


My Colleagues and I had the opportunity to visit the Cook Global Headquarters in Bloomington Indiana last week. As you know, Cook Inc. is a long time supporter of the AVIR. I’m not sure how many of you get the opportunity to visit any medical device production facilities but if you do, don’t pass it up.

cook headquarters

During the plant tour, we visited a few manufacturing divisions and the warehouse. It was amazing to see the meticulous nature in which these products are handled from a production and Q/A perspective. We watched as smiling employees proudly threaded retention strings through drainage catheters and as a team of two preloaded an endograft that might end up in your institution or mine tomorrow. We also visited the warehouse, which resembled a home depot on steroids. It was remarkable how efficient the processes seemed to be and it suddenly made perfect sense to me, as the person writing the order the day before, how the product could reach our doorstep the next morning.

bill cookWhile there we had the privilege to be invited up to see Mr. Bill Cooks office which has been preserved as a memorial and testament to the amazing person he was. I’m not sure how many of you actually know the Bill Cook story but it is a remarkable one worthy to read about but too much for me to write about here in any worthy detail. Suffice it to say Mr. Cook was a pioneer, entrepreneur, a philanthropist and a preservationist who lived a modest life and gave to others far more then he took for himself.

It was a great day spent visiting Bloomington, and we want to say thank you to all the Cook Team for showing us such great hospitality and for doing what you do. It truly is a remarkable place with some amazing people. The picture below was taken outside Mr. Cooks office and shows only a very small portion of the love and respect that hangs on his walls, leaving no doubt why his employees continue to smile.

- Izzy Ramaswamy, AVIR President

bill cook office

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