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Boston Children's Hospital - Interesting Case

October 08 2013 by Izzy Ramaswamy

Toddlers eye pierced by pencil, survives freak accident - Click to See the Story

”A medical miracle saved a 19-month-old girl who fell on a pencil”

Boston Children’s Hospital Neuro Interventional call team had a case that not one of the team will ever forget. The team was already in house for other call cases when the Neuro team frantically arrived. “There’s a girl in the ED who fell on a colored pencil, its through the corner of her eye all the way into her brain.” The plan was to remove the pencil under angiographic guidance. And just that was done. After several angiographic “runs” by Dr. Darren Orbach and “pulls” by the Neurosurgery team, the pencil was successfully removed. Today the toddler is running around like toddlers do! Click on the headed above to take a look at the clip featured on Good Morning America.bchlogo

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