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Global Embolization Symposium and Technologies (GEST)

October 22 2013 by Izzy Ramaswamy


Global Embolization Symposium and Technologies (GEST)

Dr. Haskal and his colleagues have once again invited all AVIR members to join them at the GEST symposium in San Fransisco 2014.

GEST 2014 U.S. will be held May 1-4, 2014.
Online registration is now available.

All AVIR active members are welcome to attend GEST at 10% off the allied health professional registration fee. The AVIR member registration fee is the lowest cost registration available at GEST 2014.

Enter Discount Code: GEST2014AVIR **Membership will be verified

Global Embolization Symposium and Technologies (GEST) has an internationally recognized reputation as the leading resource on embolotherapy and cancer. In 2014, GEST will return to the US and expand its educational reach by providing comprehensive coverage on an exceptionally wide range of cancer related and endovascular topics.

Experts from across the globe will present a uniquely intensive educational program that focuses on the latest research, advanced techniques, and the issues of greatest importance. GEST will cover all aspects of embolization, cancer and endovascular through lectures, panel discussions, intensive debates, live demonstrations and hands-on workshop sessions.

Statistics show that embolization and interventional treatment options continue to grow worldwide. Indications include peripheral vascular disease, aortic disease, uterine fibroids, trauma, gastrointestinal hemorrhage, vascular malformations, liver cancer and a host of other medical conditions. In response, physicians in a variety of fields have increasingly embraced embolization and interventional procedures as a growing part of their practices.

Today, a growing number of physicians consider GEST their ultimate source for all things embolotherapy, cancer and endovascular therapy. Don’t miss this exceptional opportunity to expand or enhance your practice!

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